Discover the exhibition «Ginette Kolinka, itinerary of a survivor of Auschwitz» exhibition

sunday 01 october 2023thurday 21 december 2023

Ginette Kolinka, a Holocaust survivor, was deported to Auschwitz in April 1944 at the age of 19 with her father, brother and nephew.

They are murdered when the convoy arrives. Ginette is selected for the job.

For two decades, she accompanied groups in Auschwitz, until October 2020 where she accompanied one last time students in Birkenau. Also part of this visit are a comic book author and a journalist. From this journey was born a comic book, in which Ginette tells what her life was before, during and after the Holocaust. It also testifies for all those who have not returned. Tireless passer-by of memory, she makes the transmission to the younger generations her everyday struggle.

Based on the comic strips, the exhibition places the journey of Ginette Kolinka in a broader history of persecution
of Jews in France during the Second World War based on period documents, archives and photographs.


Curatorship: Tal Bruttmann, historian, Caroline François, in charge of exhibitions
With the complicity of JD Morvan and Victor Matet and the gaze of Ginette Kolinka
In partnership with Editions Albin Michel
Graphic design: Philippe Poirier

Free entrance

Level -1 at the Drancy Shoah Memorial