Discover the new program of cultural activities of the Shoah Memorial

At the end of 2023, the new exhibition Riss: le procès Papon begins as part of the 25th anniversary of this historical trial, which presents sketches never exhibited before. The exhibitions Music in the Nazi Camps, Julia Pirotte, photographer and resistance fighter and Year 1943: the Warsaw Ghetto and the creation of the CDJC continue.

In the Great Witnesses cycle, we honor the words of Holocaust survivors through meetings, screenings and testimonies, including that of Ginette Kolinka in preview of the publication of the comic strip Adieu Birkenau. The story of Ginette Kolinka, Auschwitz survivor. Other premieres are to be found during Documentary Film Month, A Writer in Hell. The Benevolent Jonathan Littell by Jean-Christophe Klotz, and Insurgent! by Rafael Lewandowski.

The cycle History in the Present dedicated to the year 1943 concludes with three meetings that analyze the fate of the Jews in the former Italian zone, the extermination center of Sobibor in the general government of Poland and the rescue of the Jews in Denmark.

The Grand Rendez-vous de l’Auditorium explores literary and documentary news as well as war photography yesterday and today, while many memory tours, workshops and trips await young and old, individuals and groups, families and schools.

We hope to see you at one of these events, either at the Memorial or online and live on our website and social networks, to take advantage of this cultural offer that makes the Memorial a place of life, reflection and education essential.

Jacques Fredj, Director of the Holocaust Memorial


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